Birthday boldness

Sometimes I don't get time to craft.... then I get a chunk of time to create but no time to blog.  Life is a little like waves - up and down, back and forth.  It's easier for me to just go with it right now rather than try and swim against it.  But enough random thoughts about why it's taken me so long to blog.  Here's one of the cards I made recently in my creative wave time.

I really struggle to make cards that are not to feminine (not that there's anything wrong with that).  I feel like with this card I've achieved it.  It's striking but could be used for anyone of any age.  I love that you can get dies that cut our such intricate letters - and better yet - you can buy glue with a fine enough tip to adhere them :-)  Crafting is all about making it easy in my house. I'll just let you think I'm a genius - even though this is just 3 die cut shapes and some glue ;-)

I did decide to go the extra mile with this one though and make a matching envelope.  Well ok it's easy.  It was a pre-made envelope that I stick a strip of paper on.  But doesn't it look good?  Just because it's easy doesn't mean I didn't work hard.  I mean this took me at least 2 cups of coffee ;-)

Anyway I'm happy with how this turned out.  I'll let my friends think I'm a creative genius and you'll keep my secret right?

Happy crafting.

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Happy crafting.

3 reasons you should use craft kits

I've always stayed away from using the kits that Stampin' Up! offers.  I thought if I succumbed it was like cheating because all you had to do was assemble things, and that wasn't creative - was it?  Well I'm ready to eat some humble pie and admit - I was wrong, very very very wrong.  And here's why.

1.  Kits are easy to use.  They are perfect for beginners or if you've lost your creative mojo.  What could be more easy that following a set of instructions and just doing what you're told.  Fool proof.

This is the Enjoy the Little Things Project Kit I used in today's project. 
2.  Kits help you look like a pro.  Because it's tried and tested for everyone kits look awesome and are super easy to use.  Make one up and give it as a gift and you'll look like a long time crafting pro and everyone will want to learn from your crafting genius (well maybe not quite but they will be impressed).  And they aren't boring.  You can add, change, tweak to make them your own.

Here's the 13 cards that I made from the project.  I even added some extra sparkles from some glittery extras I had lying around.
3.  Kits are super fast to make, and a great gift.  Ok that's 2 reasons in one but it's true.  Just before Christmas I was looking for a gift for a friend.  She'd posted that morning about how she loved writing thank you cards and I knew that it was the perfect opportunity for me to make up a kit of cards for her to give away.  I made the lot in under an hour and it was a beautiful, thoughtful gift that I know she's enjoying using. I'm sold on crafting more kits as gifts.

I love this kit as it's perfect for someone who wants some visual inspiration on their desk and in their life everyday.  It even comes with a cool box to give it in after you've made it.
So there you have it - 3 reasons why kits are awesome, and how I wish I'd tried them earlier.  Time to go order a few more and take advantage of Sale-a-Bration for some freebies.

Have you used kits and do you like them?  Let me know in the comments below.

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