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#techniquethursday - layers

Today I'm going to talk a little bit more about a technique you've already seen me using here on the blog - layers.

Layering is a technique used in lots of creative arts to help bring attention to your focal point - the thing that is the central piece of your card.  It can also be used to highlight colour in an image, or provide extra dimension and texture to your cards.  It's pretty easy to do and the variety of layers you can do is endless.  Try looking over some of my past posts and see if you can identify where I've used layering to either bring out a colour, or add texture and dimension to a card.
For the card I'm showing you today I used lots of layers and textures, even some ribbon.  I also used one of my favourite supplies - dimensionals.  These are basically double sided sticky foam dots.  The foam in between the double sided tape helps to add an extra bit of height to your card.

In this card I focused on two main colours with white being my neutral accen…

#tooeasytuesday - full of heart

I kept it really easy for this project.  All you need is a punch and a stamp.  Glitter spray and embossing folders are optional.
I stamped out 8 hearts in crumb cake card, and one in real red.  After running them through the polka dot embossing folder in my bigshot to add some texture I spritzed them with some gold glitter paint.  Lining them up was easy as they only just fit the card.  A simple sentiment at the bottom and I was done.

Sometimes you just have to keep it simple at the start of the week.
Happy crafting.


Inspired by my last #techniquethursday I decided to do another card with background stamping as the main feature. Using my stamp-a-majig to line up my chosen stamp I repeated the image to create a background stamped effect on a base card.

After adding a few frames and another slightly different image of a bird in a bird cage, I layered the card together, added some ribbon and this is how it came out.

I'm actually really happy with it.  I think the colours are fresh and simple and the images kind of retro-funky.  By happy accident the bird in the main image is facing the other way to the background stamped images.
What do you think?  Does it work?

#techniquethursday - background stamping

Today I want to talk about background stamping.  Background stamping provides a great backdrop for your paper craft projects.  It allows you to easily add patterns to your scrapbooking layouts and designs and provides a strong creative base to showcase the rest of your project.
There are many ways you can background stamp.  The easiest is the one I'm going to show you today - using a full size background stamp.

It's really just 3 simple steps.

Cut a pice of card smaller than your background stamp.Ink up your stamp.  With larger stamps it's easier to place the stamp rubber side up and tap the ink over the stamp.  Then you can make sure you have covered it all.Stamp it.  On larger stamps I sometimes find it easier to place the paper on the stamp (rubber side up as I did for inking), cover with a scrap and press down with my hand.  You just have to be careful not to move the paper. 

After creating my background stamp all I did was add a simple layer of early espresso dark car…

#tooeasytuesday - masking fun

Keeping it simple doesn't have to be boring, or plain.  This week I used the masking technique and a simple stamp of 3 teacups lined up in a row to make a card that looks like a lot of effort went in... when really it was too easy (but shhh don't tell).
Using the masking technique I showed you last week on #techniquethursday I started with a row of teacups along the base card.  After placing my mask on top I stamped rows up the card in different shades of blue, repeating my initial colour on the fourth row.  Afte layering this on some matching blue card I used my bigshot to cut out some contrasting frames with a sentiment on the whisper white.  A bit of ribbon, and two pearls and it was all done.  All up this took about 10 minutes to make. 

 I was inspired by vintage blue and white china for the colour palate and idea.  I love the effect of the layered teacups.  It looks almost like a designer paper rather than stamped image.  I love it when stamps give that effect.
Happy cra…

sale-a-bration time

Everyone loves a bargain... especially a freebie.  During sale-a-bration you can earn free Stampin' Up! items for every $100 of product you purchase.  This time there is a whopping 19 free products to choose from including some items from the annual catalogue.  Check out the full catalogue and all the details here.  
sale-a-bration lasts from January 22 - March 22 so there's plenty of time to get lots of freebies.  Email me at if you'd like to place an order.
Happy crafting.

#showcasesaturday - all you need is...

Ok ok I know this is late.  It's Sunday in Australia.... but it still Saturday in the US so I think I haven't quite missed #showcasesaturday.  In my defense I was out enjoying myself yesterday all day so I had no time in my craft studio.  I did however have my creative energy satisfied by visiting the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit at the national gallery.  Now that's some serious creative inspiration!!!  Anyway as I've had a full weekend I'm keeping it simple this Sunday.
As Valentine's Day is coming up in a few weeks I thought I'd better start thinking about it.  All that kept coming to me was the Beetles song 'All you need is love', so taking that as my inspiration here is what I came up with.

I'm not completely satisfied with it, but I do like the punched heart which I embossed.  I think it's the individual letters I stamped the words out with.  They aren't perfectly straight and aligned.  Never mind.  You can't have an awesome crafti…

#techniquethursday - masking

It's #techniquethursday time and this week's technique is masking.

This is another super simple technique which has great effects, but also allows you to maximize the ways you can use just one stamp.  Perfect for those who are starting out and maybe only have a few stamping in their collection.  Masking involves covering up a area that is already stamped and stamping over the top of it.

Step one - stamp your chosen image on scrap paper and then carefully cut around it.  This is your mask. Step two - stamp the image on the card you are using.   Step three - cover the stamped image with your mask and stamp another image over the top of it. Step four - repeat until you are happy with the effect.
For the card I made I used three different colours for the masking as I wanted to create a garden effect.  I stamped around the entire outside of the card and then added a sentiment in the centre.  A bit of hemp twine and a button embellishment completed the card.  

If you've not tri…

#tooeasytuesday - rockin' & rollin' into the week

It's time for a another quick and easy card to help ease you into your crafting week.  Inspired by last weeks #techniquethursday I've created another card using the simple rock and roll technique. You can make this card in no time at all.  Here's what I used - card, ink and 2 stamps... and of course glue.  I picked a large stamp to cover as much of the card as possible.  

I wanted to do something bright which is a little outside my comfort zone so I chose the colours Daffodil Delight and Pumpkin Pie.  They go really well together in the rock and roll technique.  I stamped the first image centrally on the card to create a focal point, and then repeated the process to stamp partial images off the card each side.  Remember it's important place the card over a larger piece of scrap paper when stamping off the edges so you don't end up with ink on the table or on your craft mat.  A simple sentiment and some layering and it's all done.

I had to try and take a close …

#showcasesaturday - teacup crazy

I've been a little teacup obsessed lately.  I have a few vintage inspired teacups that I use at home and I just love the whimsy of having tea in a different cup each day.  That obsession has clearly found it's way into my craft time.  Which is not a bad thing yet.  I mean... I can trust you to tell me when I start taking it too far right?  Right?
Here's my latest teacup craziness.  I haven't given this card away yet, but I'm thinking I should make a few more in different colours and then invite my friends to a tea party.  A perfect excuse for tea, cupcakes and dressing up.  

Happy crafting.

#techniquethursday - rock & roll

Ok it's time for another #techniquethursday and in the spirit of keeping things simple in January I'm keeping it simple but fun with a technique called rock and roll.
What you'll need for this is a good solid stamp (not something with just outlines that you would use for water colouring), 2 ink pads (one light & one dark), and card to practice on.
For today's example I used the following

There are two simple steps in the rock and roll technique.  First ink you stamp completely in the lighter colour ink pad.  Second, using a rolling motion press the edges of the stamp against the darker colour ink pad, avoiding the centre of the stamp.  It's important to always use the lighter colour first to avoid discolouring your ink pads.  Then stamp your image and admire the unique blended image you've created.

It's a good idea to practice stamping on a scrap piece of paper or card a few times until you get the effect you like.  The wonderful thing about this tech…

Talking tags

Want to add something a little more personal to your messages in your cards?  Well now you can with talking tags from Stampin' Up!  Record a message up to 60 seconds and send it to your loved ones so they can hear your message of love as well as enjoy your beautiful home made card.  You'll both need to have smart phones to record and access the message.  But it's easy and a great way to personalize.  
For more info check out the Stampin' Up! promotions page here.
Happy crafting.

#tooeasytuesday - punch fun

Last week on #techniquethursday I showed you how easy it is to used repetition when stamping and making cards.   Taking my inspiration from the idea of repeated images I'm going to show you the simplest card today.  I will take you less than 5 minutes.  Get ready for some....

Using just the following items (card, glue, ink, one stamp and a punch) I'm going to show you how easy it is to make a card.

Take your punch and punch out three different colours of cardstock.  I've used a butterfly but you could use any punch.  Shapes like hearts, stars and animals or flowers work best.  Line them up and glue them down to a background piece of card.  Stamp a sentiment (if desired) and layer it on contrasting card to create a frame, before sticking it down on the base card.

So simple anyone can do it.  You could event repeat the punched image to fill the whole background card for a different effect.
Happy crafting.

Valentines Day promotion from Stampin' Up!

Want to get ready for Valentines day early?  During Stampin' Up!'s My Little Valentine promotion you get the Sealed with Love Simple Sent kit FREE ($15.95 value) when you purchase the brand new My Little Valentine Set.  The My Little Valentine set includes 4 stamps and was created exclusively for this promotion.  Available now until the 21st January.   For more details check out the flyer here.   Email me at if you'd like to place an order.
Happy crafting.

#showcasesaturday - cupcake toppers

Today's the day I show you something I've been working on this week.  I'm keeping it simple as I'm still slowly easing into the new year.  Today's project is cupcake toppers.  
Yesterday I  made cupcakes.

Not just any old ordinary cupcakes.  These were champagne cupcakes!  Manna from heaven.

They looked a little plain on their own though.... So I made some cupcake toppers to spruce them up.  See....

Don't they look pretty?  Bet you want to see one up close...  Here you go.

And look closely.  There's even sparkles in the middle.  Fancy!

I think the sugar is going to my head as I write this.  Sorry about that :-)  Perhaps I need a coffee to counteract the sugar.
Happy crafting.


On Tuesday I talked about simplicity.  The idea that one image, one colour can be the only thing you need to do to make a striking card.  Today I want to take that a little further in my first #techniquethursday post and talk about the technique of repetition.

Repetition is used in teaching, advertising or merchandising as a way of reinforcing a topic or idea.  It's a way of reminding us of a single fact, a brand or an idea and why it's important.  Repetition in art can do a similar thing.  It focuses our attention on an element the artist has determined is important.  It can be something as simple as repeating a word or phrase that is typed three times, using repeated shapes or lines, or repetition of colour in a way that focuses our attention on an object.

The simplest way to start a project using this technique is to find a small to medium size stamp that you love and stamp it 3-5 times in a row on a card.

If you're using a clear based stamp you may be able to use s…


It's time for my very first #tooeasytuesday post.  This week I wanted to make it really easy for all of you out there who might be new to paper craft and card making.

Sometimes when you're starting out it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the amazing projects you can find online and in papercraft magazines.  You can spend hours looking at complex projects and struggle to make something similar from the limited resources you have. Instead of embracing a new hobby, you become frustrated that your efforts maybe look amateurish and put your supplies away in a draw and go back to purchasing mass produced cards.  I'm here today to tell you that doesn't need to be the case.  With just one stamp and one colour you can make something beautiful.

When starting a new hobby it's easier to keep in simple.  You don't need to know every technique and own every product.  You just need to focus on creating something simple that you love.  Even if you've been crafting fo…