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Inspired by the sunshine

I don't know about you, but this week I've had a taste of spring and I can't wait for it to get here.  Every where I walk I've seen flowers starting to bloom and it gets me excited for the warmer weather which I know is just around the corner.

I took some inspiration for this card from the flowers I've seen blooming and the flowers in the sticker pictured to the right.  I love the gentle contrast between the pink and green and wanted to try and use that as inspiration for my card.

I used two different shades of green and two different shades of pink in this card to try and give it a contrast in colour.  The edges of the flower petals, leaves, butterfly, punch & big shot die were all sponged in Soft Suede to give it a more vintage feel.  I added lace to and a button to give some texture to the card as well.

What do you think?  Do you see the link with the sticker?  I'd love to hear what inspires you in your creative efforts.

Thanks for stopping by.


New inspiration

I recently had the opportunity to travel to New York for work.  While I was there I did get a little time to squeeze in a visit to one of my favourite shops - Anthropologie.  Now I usually just go there to buy clothes, but this time I also bought a tin of vintage inspired stickers.  I loved the images and colours so much, and I knew that I wanted to take home a little piece of inspiration for my card making.

The image at the top on the left is the stickers I bought.  I loved the colours in the flower sticker - the reds, yellows and hints of orange; mixed with the old world feel of a vintage image.

Using this as inspiration I created the card to see to the right of the sticker.  I added several embellishments - lace, buttons and designer brads to give it a more vintage feel.  Techniques such as layering, tearing and sponging also add to the old world effect of the card.

There is a whole series of stickers in the tin that I bought, so I suspect the inspiration will continue to flow an…

Inspired again

You may have wondered if I've fallen off the planet this year as I've been so inconsistent in my blogging. I've spent nearly 3 months in total this year traveling and working overseas - and it's not over yet.   To top it all of I returned home last week to find that I've been called to do my civic duty this week.  While I love my job and what it entails, and I'm happy to do my civic duty, it means that I have neglected other parts of my life - like this blog.  Once again I'm determined to make a change and start to get a little more regular with my updates.

Well with that explanation over an done with I want to continue on with a blog post about inspiration.

See that picture on the right?  Well it was my inspiration.  It's the gorgeous packaging that comes around some even more divine soap.  I bought it about a year ago and decided I was going to make a whole lot of gifts just like it.  Of course I put it on the shelf and never got around to it.  Then…