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3 reasons you should use craft kits

I've always stayed away from using the kits that Stampin' Up! offers.  I thought if I succumbed it was like cheating because all you had to do was assemble things, and that wasn't creative - was it?  Well I'm ready to eat some humble pie and admit - I was wrong, very very very wrong.  And here's why.

1.  Kits are easy to use.  They are perfect for beginners or if you've lost your creative mojo.  What could be more easy that following a set of instructions and just doing what you're told.  Fool proof.

2.  Kits help you look like a pro.  Because it's tried and tested for everyone kits look awesome and are super easy to use.  Make one up and give it as a gift and you'll look like a long time crafting pro and everyone will want to learn from your crafting genius (well maybe not quite but they will be impressed).  And they aren't boring.  You can add, change, tweak to make them your own.

3.  Kits are super fast to make, and a great gift.  Ok that…