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#techniquethursday - tearing

Today's technique is a simple one but a great one for changing the look of your cards - tearing.  It's pretty simple and is just what it sounds like - tearing paper.

The easiest way to do this is to hold a piece of card firmly in one hand.  With the other work your way slowly down the side you want to tear gently working it into the shape you want.  If you find you're too nervous or scared grab a stack of scrap paper and practice, practice, practice.  
The thing about tearing is that there isn't a right and wrong way to do it.  It isn't designed to be perfect, so you really can relax and just have fun with it.  One other little bonus is that you can change the way the edge looks just by turning the card over.  See the difference in the photo in the middle and on the right above?  One edge shows the inner card as well as the smooth side (middle photo).  The other is still a torn edge but smooth right to the tear (right photo).  Want to change it up a little more?  …

#tooeasytuesday - copy cat

Sometimes you just don't quite know where to start when you sit down to craft.  That's where the Stampin' Up! catalogues can provide lots of inspiration.  This card is a pure copy cat of an awesome design found in the most recent catalogue.  Can you guess which page inspired me?

Anyway... this card was easy to make although it took a little longer than my usual #tooeasytuesday cards.  Mainly because there were more components to it.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out and love the chalkboard effect that using black card and a white pen give.

If you're short of inspiration today why not checkout some of the fantastic ideas in the seasonal catalogue and start there.  Getting one card made is often a great way to unleash you inner creative genius so why not try copying one today.

Happy crafting.


#techniquethursday - more sponging

Remember last week I showed you sponging?  You don't?  You can check it out here.  Anyway I mentioned that I'd show you another way you could use sponging to great effect and here it is.

In the technique above I've used sponging and masking to create a unique background base for my card.  Here's how I did it.

Using a torn sheet of scrap paper as a mask I loaded up a sponge dauber with yellow ink and sponged over the torn edge onto my cardstock.  While keeping the mask in place I stamped a repeated flower image over the torn edge and covered the exposed cardstock base.  I then stamped the overlaying image (flower outline) in early espresso before removing the mask.  After removing the mask I sponged around the exposed edges of card stock until I met the masked sponge line already in place.  A little layering and sentiment stamping and I was done.
This is a great technique to use as it's really easy to vary by colour, stamp and shape.  You can also use multiple imag…

#tooeasytuesday - a whole lot of heart

Kept it really simple this time.  Stamped images punched out with a square punch.  You don't get much easier than that.
Happy crafting.

#tooeasytuesday - 5 minutes of fun

Sometimes you only have 5 minutes before you have to leave the house.  It might seem like it's impossible to make a home made card in that time but it's not. That's all the time it took me to make the card above.  All I did was punch out some different size squares from DSP paper, wrap them with some twine and stick them on.  So easy any one could do it.  One final stamp at the top of the card and I was done. 

That my friends is what #tooeasytuesday is all about.  Easy projects anyone can do.
Happy crafting.

#techniquethursday - sponging

Today I'm going to show you one of my go to techniques when ever I want to add a little vintage feeling or depth to a card - sponging.  It's a really simple technique and you only need ink an a sponge dauber.  There are so many ways you can use this technique - not just for edges like I'm showing you today.  You can sponge backgrounds, cut outs, and more.  

For this card I decided just to sponge the edges of the punched sentiment to add a vintage feel to the card.  Taking a sponge dauber and pressing it into the ink pad a few times to get it inked up, I gently brushed it against the edges of the punched out sentiment.  Starting light at first I layered up the colour around the whole edge to a depth I was happy with.  
It's a really easy technique but if you've never done it before I recommend practicing on some scrap paper to get a feel for it.  Start with only a small amount of ink on your dauber or sponge.  Remember you can build up a stronger colour but you can…

#tooeasytuesday - let love bloom

I know I said I was done with heart themed cards at the end of February but I had to make something for a special friend who just got engaged so I couldn't resist one more.  This one was super easy.  Lots of flower punches, glue and pearls.  Oh and a sentiment stamp!

Very simple but definitely one of my favourite cards I've made recently.
Happy crafting.