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Everyday inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere - a photo, a word, nature - even every day items like clothes.

Recently when I was on holiday I bought a cute little top.  It's really simple - just white with blue stripes and a little edging, but its cute for a summer day.  I was wearing it a few days ago when inspiration struck. I couldn't get the blue and white stripes & lace edging out of my head and I though they would look great on a card.  So here it is... my first photo blog of my inspiration.

Here's the top.

And here's the card.

And that's it.  Today's every day item (my wardrobe) and the creation it inspired.  So the next time you are running out of creativity, have a look around your house & wardrobe.  You've likely filled it with things you love and they can provide just the inspiration you need.

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I'm back!

Well I'm back from another long trip away.  Thankfully this time it was for holidays and not work.

It's wonderful to take time out when you're away and think things through.  This holiday I really had the chance to reflect on things in my life, and just enjoy each day as we traveled around Sri Lanka.  I've decided I want to take my blog in a different direction for a while and start blogging about what inspires me, show you that, and then show you what I create.  I'm not ready to do that today, as I'm actually traveling for work.... but I'm hoping to get some creative and play time in next week over the Easter break - so watch this space.

Today I'll post some pics of some cards I made quite a while ago.  I'm not particularly happy with them.  I feel that they are lacking my usual creative spark.  I think the thing I was struggling with is that I'd given myself the task of making some cards, but hadn't really been inspired by anything partic…