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#tooeasytuesday - online!

Did you come here today expecting to see a #tooeasytuesday card?  Well guess what? I've now got My Digital Studio (MDS) so I decided to show you my very first digital creation that I made - the artwork above.  I love photo editing software but I have to admit some of the editing software out there just daunts me.  I wasn't sure what to expect with MDS but it's really easy to use - drag and drop - and very intuitive.  And if you do get stuck there is plenty of online video tutorials - although I've only watched one so far.
I'm still playing around with it, but so far I'm impressed.  I'm not a massive scrapbooker but I think I might be tempted to work on some photo based projects with this.  And I'm definitely keen to make some online cards to send people.  
If you're interested in giving MDS ago click on the link here to download your free 30 day trial.  There is no obligation to purchase anything, but you'll get a good chance to see if it's…

#techniquethursday - punches

Today I'm talking about punches and I'm starting at the beginning.  Most people when they start paper crafting buy a few items - some ink pad, some card stock and a punch or two.  My personal recommendation if you're looking to invest in puches is to start with some shapes you can use to frame stamped sentiments or images.  It's the easiest way of creating a statement, almost an embellishment to add to the dimension and interest on your card.  For my project this week I took a card I made way back in my first #techniquethursday post to show you what I mean.

The first thing you want to do if you're going to add a punched sentiment to a card is work out what punch to use & pick an appropriate sentiment stamp.  As this card is bright pink and makes me happy just to look at it I chose the Happiness stamp from Loving Thoughts stamp set.  I love this set because I love words that evoke emotion which is what I hope my cards to when I give them to the recipient.  I th…

Something new

Have you noticed something different about my blog?  It's subtle, but can you see it?  No?  Well take a closer look because its really exciting.  Right now, from today if inspiration strikes when you're reading my blog you can place an order online and get Stampin' Up! products shipped directly to your door.  How awesome is that?!?!  Just click on the banner to the right or on the Shop product link on my tabs.

To help you out from next week I'll be listing the products I use and their codes at the bottom of my posts so it's even easier for you get your craft on.

Happy shopping.... oops I mean crafting ;-)



Remember last week I showed you a simple card with punched out hearts?  Well this week I'm going to show you the simple creation I made to use the hearts I punched out.

Using some of the sponging techniques I've been showing you recently I sponged the outline of 3 circles.  I then added the punched hearts to the centre in contrasting colours.  A simple sentiment and I was done.  This was a really easy way of creating 2 cards from 1 set of card.

Happy crafting.

#techniquethursday - crystal effects

Today's technique is really all about the use of one of my favourite go to products - Crystal effect.  The is a produce which has so many uses.  It adds shine and dimension to images & accents.  It can be used as a glue.  It can be a base for glitter.  It's really a versatile product that you can use to change the look of a card in minutes.
For my project today I took a simple card that I made a few weeks ago of stamped heart images.  I wanted to give this card a little lift.  To add something to mak it look more than just stamped images.  To give it some dimension - but subtly. 

All I did was take my crystal effects and slowly apply a layer over the heart image, keeping it within the stamped outline.  It's a little bit like colouring in with a liquid paint.  Crystal effects is quite thick so it will only go where you place it.  It won't run, however I have learnt the hard way that it's important to leave you card flat while drying if you're using a lot of…


I kept it super simple today.  Cut some heart shapes, then punched around the heart cut out with a circle.  Put a little stamped card behind it in layers and hey presto... a card is done.  Next week I'll show you what I did with the punched out coloured hearts.  Nothing went to waste here.
Happy crafting.

#techniquethursday - sponging

I've mentioned a couple of times that I love sponging and shown you in 2 different #techniquethursday posts some different ways to use the effect.  If you haven't ever sponged before this post is a great place to start.  Today I'm going to show you yet another way you can use your sponge daubers creatively.

Step 1 - Gather you materials.  You'll need some die cutters in different shapes, or punches.  I used 2 different heart shame framelits.  You'll also need ink, card and sponge daubers.
Step 2 - Use your die cutter or punch to punch out a template on some scrap card.  This is what you'll use as a mask for your sponging.  
Step 3 - Place your mask over the card you want to sponge onto.  While holding it firmly in place ink up your sponge dauber and daub around the outline of the shape.  It's really important to make sure the mask doesn't move as you want a nice clean outline.  
Step 4 - When you are happy with the effect remove the mask.  And that'…

#tooeasytuesday - simple style

I just can't seem to stop making cards with hearts on it.  Must be a whole lot a love going on in my head ;-)  Today's project was super simple and super quick.  All I did was punch a heart out of my card base, punch another in a lovely coral colour and emboss the front of the card using my big shot.  The only trick to this card is to hold it closed and press the heart through the cut out to get perfect alignment.  I love cards like this because you get a great effect from the front, but also something a little special when you open it.

You can't tell from the photos but this is actually a gift tag sized card.  The proportions are probably around 6-7cm in width and height.  Perfect for popping on the front of a gift.  And you could easily customise it with different shape punches.
Happy crafting.

#techniquethursday - flashback 2

If you're new to my blog I hope this will be a helpful way to catch you up on some of what I do around here.  In addition to #tooeasytuesday a regular weekly post to inspire you on simple craft projects I also post #techniquethursday each week to highlight a technique I love and show you a simple tutorial on how I do it.  Today I'm giving you a little flashback on the tutorials in the past few weeks.  
Last week I showed you how I do tearing.  A simple technique that you need no special tools to do.
I also showed you a creative way to use sponging, a technique I showed you earlier.

 In my sponging post I introduced you to some of my favourite tools - sponges and daubers.

 Over a few weeks I also showed you different ways to emboss.

And finally I demonstrated how to dry emboss using the Big Shot mac
If you like my flashback and want to check out more of my past #techniquethursday posts you can check out …

#tooeasytuesday - flashback #2

Remember back in February when I showed you a little flashback from 2010 on #tooeasytuesday?  Well it's time to look back again.  Not because I'm lazy or anything, but I have been on the road (overseas) for work and holidays for almost 3 weeks now so my craft room is starting to be a distant memory.  Also I am on holidays now and I always like to do a little reflecting while I'm away.  I thought this would be a great time to look back at some of my earlier projects and get some inspiration to take forward into next week when I'm back at home and getting a chance to craft.

All of these photos are from blog posts in early 2010.  I've added a link to the original post in the captions of each photo so you can check out what my blog was like.  Some of the photos in the original posts might be a little strange with size - I was still experimenting with my blog.  Today however I've resized these images so they hopefully look a little better here for you.

One thing re…