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#techniquethursday - embossing again

Now I'm not getting forgetful.  I know my last #techniquethursday was also embossing.  But this time its different - I promise!  Last week I showed you how to dry emboss with a big shot machine and embossing folder.  This week I'm showing you how to use embossing powder to get some amazing textured effects on your cards.

Embossing was one of the earliest techniques I learned when I started making cards.  I loved it.  It was just a little bit magical how with just 4 items you could make fabulous cards.  All you need was a stamp, a VersaMark watermark stamp pad, embossing powder in the colour of your choice and a heat gun (or toaster if your desperate).

Step 1. Ink up your stamp using the VersaMark watermark stamp and stamp a clear image on card.  This is a clear ink which is slower drying than most water based inks.  This is to give you time for the next steps.  
Step 2.  Cover the stamped image generously in embossing powder.  I have special embossing trays I do this in to k…

#tooeasytuesday - flashback

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and lots of time to craft.  I know my weekend was fabulous... but sadly didn't involve time to craft.  With that in mind I decided to do a little retrospective this week and show so pics from posts in my early days of blogging.  All simple projects - it is #tooeasytuesday after all - but hopefully inspirational.

All of these photos are from blog posts in 2010.  I can hardly believe I've been blogging that long!  I've added a link to the original post in the captions of each photo so you can check out what my blog was like.  Some of the photos in the original posts might be a little strange with size - I was still experimenting with my blog.  Today however I've resized these images so they hopefully look a little better here for you.

Writing this blog post for me was a strange experience.  Looking back on old cards and projects I can see how my style and taste has changed over time.  I can also see that some things haven't cha…

#techniquethursday - embossing

This week's #tehniquethursday is one of my favourite techniques to adding instant interest in your card through texture.  There are many tools out there for dry embossing and you can even do it by hand, but by far the easiest way is to use and embossing folder and a bigshot machine.

It's super easy to emboss once you have these tools.  You just place the card you want to emboss inside the folder, then layer it up with the right bases and rolle it through your bigshot.  In seconds - yes thats seconds, not minutes - you have fantastic textured card to use.  The best thing about embossed card - you don't need to add a lot more elements.  The embossing creates both texture which is interesting to the eye and also a great feeling when you run your hands over it.  

I wanted to keep this card really simple so you could see the polka dot embossing on the blue card.  I also wanted to make something simple that I could maybe use for a boys card.  My natural style tends to be more g…

#tooeasytuesday - stuck on hearts

It's time for a little quick and easy inspiration on #tooeasytuesday.  This one was super quick and easy to make using just a few punches, one stamp and plenty of coloured card.

I promise this is the last time I use hearts... at least for the next few projects.
Happy crafting.

#showcasesaturday - showing the love

To celebrate Valentines Day this week here's one more loved up card I made.  I think this one might be good to give to a guy as it's more muted in colours and a little more manly.... well as much as any Valentine's Day card can be.

In case you're wondering (and even if you're not), I have a confession to make that I didn't actually give my hubby anything on Valentine's Day - not even this card.  We don't really celebrate it.  It's not because we don't love each other, or because we're making some grand stand against the commercialisation of love, it's just that we tend to do do nice things together at other random times.  We love good food and good wine and take lots of opportunities to enjoy both on dates that suit us.  That said... I do love celebrating love, but the kind of love that is meaningful everyday.  You know, when someone you care about does well in something and you get excited for them and celebrate with them.  When you ac…

#techniquethursday - flashback

Happy Valentines Day.  As this is a day for love and celebrating love I thought I'd pause and reflect back on a labour of love that I've been doing for the past 6 weeks - #techniquethursday posts.  I started these posts to share what I love.  To give you a little bit of insight into some of the techniques I use when I craft.  Now I'm not an expert or guru or anything like that.  I'm just someone who loves paper craft and loves to share that love.  If you've just started reading my blog grab a cup of tea and settle in to see some of what I've been sharing on #techniquethursday as I share my love.

My first #techniquethursday post was about repetition and how it's a super easy and effective technique for catching someone's eye.

I then showed you how to 'rock n roll' a fun technique that can really help give your stamping a unique flavour.

Masking is one of my favourite techniques and looking back on these cards, this is one of my favourite of the p…

#tooeasytuesday - rainbow love

Keeping it really simple for #tooeasytuesday today.  But not dull.  Never dull.  Just lots of lovely rainbow love for you all.

This is probably the most simple card to make - but it does take some time.  All I did was punch out hearts - lots of hearts, and glue them to a base card.  A little layering and my rainbow love card was complete.  Hopefully this would put a smile on the face of anyone receiving it.

Happy crafting.


#techniquethursday - 2 step stamping

Today's technique is super easy but does require the right stamp set (or some great creative skills on your part).  Two step stampin is simply laying 2 stamps on top of each other to create a two tone (or 3... why not?) image.
Here's what I used and did.

The Hearts a flutter stamp set was perfect for this project as it has a great full heart shaped stamp which I used to create my base image in a pale colour, and 3 different patterned heart stamps (the same size) for me to use in the second step - laying my stamped images.  Stampin' Up has some great stamp sets created especially for this technique but you can also use 2 different stamps that contrast.  Try keeping one image a block image of a solid shape and layering that with a sentiment stamp or an outline stamp that you might ordinarily use for water colouring.  There are no rules so let your imagination run wild.

If you're not confident to make up your own layering why not grab a set like this.  It's perfect t…
February is the month for love, chocolate and valentines day.  I've been playing around with a few different love themed cards lately and this is my latest.  I used the Hearts a Flutter stamp set and coordinating sizzlit dies.  It was supper easy to make - 2 heart stamps, 2 heart dies, some embossing powder for the larger heart, and dazzling diamonds for the smaller heart and I was almost done.  I did add a small sentiment from the itty bitty banners set to finish it off.

Simple, but something pretty to give to a loved one.
Happy crafting.


I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but it's cold and wet here in Sydney today. The perfect day to stay indoors and craft. It's also been the perfect day to put on some sweats, ugg boots and chill out with a good book. Given how late it's taken me to get this post up can you guess which one I've been doing all day?
I did manage to make it into my craft room for about an hour. Most of that time was spent mounting some new stamps and unpacking a box of goodies from the new catalogue - yay. I did manage to use one of my new goodies today... the pin wheel sizzlit die. This is the first time I've used it & it was super easy. I was playing around with some DSP I had on the shelf and this is what I came up with.

I think I'll be using this a lot with some bright DSP on kids cards this year. So much fun. And maybe to make some cupcake toppers. I would go back into my craft room to make some now, but it's raining out, and my book and couch a…