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For you - no really this is for you!

I'm currently participating in 30 days of thankfulness as a way of stopping and reflecting on the things that I value in life.  I know the list will be much longer than 30, but I'm hoping that in doing a little reflecting each day I'll come to appreciate all the riches and blessings of my life in a deeper way.

With this in mind I want to include you all.  For the first 30 readers of my blog who email me your mailing address I'll send you one of my hand made cards.  It will be occasion agnostic (ie: a for you card, not a birthday or thank you card).  And it will be blank.  The only thing I ask of you is to give it to someone you care about and share a message of love and thankfulness inside.  Don't worry I won't keep your address on file, or contact you in any other way.  I want to do this as my way of thanking you for reading my blog and spreading a little joy and appreciation in the world.  And if you live overseas that's fine too.  I'll wear the cost …

Inspired again

A few weeks ago I started blogging about inspiration and how every day items can help you get out of a funk and look at your craft supplies and projects in a new light.  Today I want to show you a project where the inspiration isn't that obvious at first.

We've been doing a little renovating at home recently.  We haven't done too much - a bit of paint, and few new items of furniture.  One of my recent finds was a vintage magazine from the 40's.  We love our dogs (beagles) and I just loved the picture of the Dalmatian and the contrast between his spots and the checks in the woman's suit.  I also love how she's gazing adoringly at him, but he's just stoically facing forward in a manner that suggests he's just putting up with the attention.

So now you've seen this let me show you the card it inspired me to make.

The image on the front cover of the magazine is very simple - black and white with two highlights of red.  The image on my card is also very …

Just a short note

Hi Everyone,

Just a short note today.  I was hoping to have had some time to craft over the long weekend but I ended up painting and grouting the tiles in my kitchen instead.  Not fun... but it looks fabulous.

Here's a pic of a card I made last month.  I only had 10 minutes (seems to be the story of my life) so I used background stamps & wheels to fill the large pieces of cardstock.  A few quickly punched items, and some folds and this is what I came up with.

Hope you like it.

I'm hoping that I'll have some time this week to get back in to my craft room and get creating.  It's been a while since I've held a class at my house, and I'm thinking about starting them up again to offer project classes.  I'd love your feedback on what timing would work best for you.  I'm open to weeknights or Saturdays.  Email me at and let me know what you would prefer.

Thanks for stopping by.


Simple celebration

While I'm on the theme of birthdays.  Well actually I'm not making a run of birthday cards.  I just wanted an excuse to use the cute build a cupcake punch that I bought.... Here's another birthday card.

I've kept this one very simple and plain to keep the focus on the cupcake.  And really, who doesn't want to focus on cupcakes!  I must admit after finishing I did complain about the lack of cupcakes in our house.  There wasn't event a biscuit in the cupboard.

If you love the simplicity of this card, you'd love how easy it was to make.  In under 10 minutes this card was finished and ready to mail out.  The matching stamp set 'Create a Cupcake' and punch 'Build a Cupcake' make birthday cards, tags and banners a breeze.  Both sets are available to order from our Autumn-Winter Catalogue.  You can check them out here (on page 12).

To place an order email me at

Thanks for stopping by.


Birthday rush

On Monday night we we were celebrating my nephew's birthday.  He's been saving up for an iPad so it was easy to get him a present this year as all he wanted was cash.  Of course I didn't want to just hand it to him as my husband suggested, so I ducked into the craft room and whipped up a quick card.  I only had about 15 mins and this is what I came up with.

We tucked down the flap of the blue envelope to rest lightly under the button so you could tell it was meant to be opened.  It was super quick to do - thanks to the Bigz Scallop Envelope Die & Lattice embossing folder for the big shot.  The rest was some very quick glueing and coordinated punches.

While I love long and complicated projects, sometimes all you have time for is speedy craft.  Limited time doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality and style.  You just need the right tools and a little inspiration.

I'll be back with more inspiration posts soon.  To share with you how some everyday items and …

Retired Stamp Set Sale!

I'm having a winter clean out of my craft room and you get to reap the benefits.  I've got lots of retired stamp sets, and event some ink pads for sale.  Check out the page HERE for all the details and to grab a bargain.