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On that note...

Sometimes you just need a simple card to write a few words to someone.   To encourage them, to thank them, to cheer them up... the list is endless.  Unfortunately I've found that if you don't have a card at your finger tips the words you wanted to say, those thoughts you wanted to share will stay just that - thoughts.  If you don't ever share it the thought doesn't every really count for much.  I love having a stock pile of cards ready to share with people.  It means I can grab one at first thought and can take action to share my heart with someone.

Here's a simple card I made to share some words with someone to encourage them.

And seeing as it's better to have more than one of these at the ready, I made 5.

It's always good to have a note card on hand.  If you need to stock up why not head on over to my store and grab this set.

Happy crafting.


Flower power

Well it seems I couldn't stay away from my 'rule of three' for very long.  I really do love the striking simplicity of images repeated on a card.  Here's my latest card.  This is a little on the larger side to accommodate the flower stamp & punches without too much overlap.

Super simple to do but quite striking.  I added some buttons, twine, and ribbon to give it a bit of extra texture and depth.  And of course I couldn't help but use my favourite product of the moment.... crystal effects.  This has to be one of my favourite products as you can use it in so many ways an on anything.  It's a very strong glue for 3D projects, it's great to make paper punched products look like professional embellishments, it's fantastic for a base for adding glitter, and it adds gloss to any stamped image.  Better yet it's only $11.95 a bottle and lasts forever (or at least it feels like it).  Anyway I'm obsessed with using it at the moment.  I think almost e…

Cherry baby

I love cherries. I love the colours.  I love the taste.  I love rolling the seeds around in my mouth and sucking on them to get all the fruit off.  Recently I've seen some very cute vintage dresses with cherry print and it reminded me that somewhere in my vast collections of stamps I had a cherry stamp.  Inspired as I was I created this simple card.

As often happens when I'm inspired, I couldn't stop at just one.  I had to make a set.  I carefully hand inked each stamp for each card using a combination of inks and pens.  After stamping I used some crystal effects to give the cherries a glazed, shiny look.  A little dazzling diamonds to each cherry finished of the effect.

As you can see I made a set of four.  As with most of my recent blog posts I'm delighted to offer you 2 ways to get your hands on these cards.  The first, is to place an order for the following items which will get you all you need to make this card.  I'll even include 1 sample card and some instr…

Birthday balloons

What's the most popular type of card you make?  Even though I tend to make a lot of generic cards - useful for any situation - birthday cards probably still make up the bulk of cards I make and use for myself.  I love being able to customise a birthday card to the person I'm giving it to. Usually I have enough time in advance to make them, but it's always useful to have a few in my card box, ready for unexpected or previously unknown about birthdays.

Here's one I made recently.

I decided to use lots of textures in this card.  The bottom third of the card is embossed using a big shot embossing folder.  I also added layers of stamped card stock, stamped and hand cut balloons, string, brads and raised stamped birds.  I used crystal effects on the balloons and bird to give it some extra gloss and shine.

This was a quick and easy card to make (except for the drying time of the crystal effects), but could work for a boy or a girl.  It's a great one to have in your card…

Something new

I'm really excited to share something new with you today.  In addition to sharing with you a new card I'm delighted to share with you my new store on  For those of you who don't know is a place where crafters from all around Australia sell their wares to lovers of handicrafts.  It's a great site that showcases Australian talent to the world.

Now I don't pretend to be Australian talent, but I wanted to be able to share my cards in another way.  So now in addition to sharing cards and projects with you here, I'll also be making them available for sale on my store at  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Here's something I made last week.  There were a couple of techniques I used on this card.  I used my brayer to load up several colours of ink before stamping.  And I used a no-stitch rouching technique on the ribbon to give it those great gathers.  It was pretty quick and simple, but somethin…

Craft and coffee night

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about doing a craft and coffee night on Friday 9 March.  The cost will be $5 per card you make and will include coffee.  There's no pressure to make more than one card, but plenty of opportunity to make more if you are speedy & motivated.

Email me at if you'd like a seat at the table.