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Not so mellow yellow!

I am in love... with Delightfully Dijon.  It's the perfect mustard yellow colour that isn't too bright and isn't too brown.  I usually fall in love with one in colour each year and I think this might be the one.... although Tip Top Taupe could be a close second.  Hot of the heels of my last post I'm still on my gratitude card kick.  How are you guys going with that?  Any gratitude cards getting made and posted?  This one if quite different from last weeks - with a much bolder colour palate.

I'm really still getting my crafting mojo back this year.  It's been so hectic at work that I haven't made as much time for it as I like.  I hope that my gratitude cards will help me be a little more intentional about setting some craft time - as it's so good for my soul!  (And my energy levels as it completely refreshes me mentally).

This card was super quick and easy to make.  A few layers.  One stamped image. Some embossing with my bigshot - and hey presto - ano…

Just for you

Earlier this year I started a gratitude journal.  I wanted to remind myself to be present every day and to recognise all the moments that I have to be thankful for - both big and small. Like many new years resolutions I haven't entirely kept it up, but I've thought about a pivot.  What if I make cards to say thank you and I appreciate you and I give them away?  That way I get to both create and gift at the same time.  Great idea right?  So I'm halfway there - as I've started making some cards.  Now I just need to create that purposeful moment in my week - each week - to do the 'thank you, I appreciate you' bit.

This card is pretty abstract.  I like it because it is.  I used quite a few stamp sets and colours to create it, but really as they are all similar hues, with just the pop of gold I think it works ok.  Rather than looking really complex, it's just subtle layers of similar colours and styles.

I used quite a few different products (as you can see from…