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Looking forward - part 2

As promised here's part 2 of my 2012 year end project.  Yes you read that right - 2012.  I've been crafting with the end of the year in mind!  I'm not crazy - well maybe a little.  It's part of my new tradition of focussing on dreams for the year.  In addition to the card to my future self that I shared with you earlier this week, I also created a time capsule to be opened at the end of the year.

My goal in creating this capsule what to create a box of hope for the future.  Something, that when opened at the end of the year will help me to reflect on how far I have come in the year.  I've filled it with things that represent some of my goals. Things that I want to achiever personally.  Items that represent the kind of person I aspire to be.  It's extremely personal so I'm not going to share everything that I put in here - but here's a snapshot of the box itself.

I upcycled a tea2 box that I had at home (see below).  It was just a little sturdier than w…

Celebrate Sale-a-bration!

Well its that time of the year.  Sale-a-bration.

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Happy stamping.

Something different

Recently I've been getting very nostalgic.  I don't think it's because I'm getting older (although I am), I think it's because I want to revive the skills and talents of the past.  I've taken to following a lot of blogs with a vintage flavour to them, and I've been inspired by the idea that you can up-cycle things around your home and give them new life.  While this project isn't an up-cycle (I used new materials), it was inspired by a skill from my past - origami.

When I was in high school I had the opportunity to spend some time in Japan as an exchange student.  While I was there I was introduced to the art of origami.  When I was younger I really just made toys and fun sculptures.  Recently on a trip back to Japan I saw some unique origami objects being used as everyday art.  It really inspired me to look for opportunities to combine this creative paper folding technique into my craft.  So here's my first attempt.

I used the designer series pap…

Looking forward - part 1

Did you spend any time thinking about what you want to achieve in 2012?  I know I did.  I usually spend the last week of December reflecting on the year that's been and thinking about what it is I want to achieve in the coming year.  This year I decided to start a new tradition.  In addition to making my New Years Resolutions and thinking about how I was going to achieve them I decided to do create something with the end of 2012 in mind.  Today I want to share with you part one of my project - a card to the future Sally.

I wanted to make a card and give it to myself at the end of the year.  The idea behind this is borrowed from the idea of a time capsule - memories of the past, to be opened in the future - but with a twist.  My letter was to my future self.  To capture the spirit of my hope for 2012 right now and to write down what I hope to achieve.  I created this card with that in mind.  I even added a dream like focus to the image above to capture the intention behind this cr…

Happy New Year

Happy 2012 everyone. I hope it's started off well for you all.

For me 2011 finished with the same mad rush that the whole year had been.  I was so busy with work, travel, and social commitments that I neglected to spend much time getting crafty for Christmas.  I did manage to sneak in a few projects at home for friends and family - but ran out of time to blog about them. Better late than never, I thought I'd share a few pics with you today.

The bunting above is something I whipped up in less than an hour using my big shot.  I love this idea of being able to make custom bunting for any occasion.  It's so easy to personalize by colour and words.

I also got crafty & green with my wrapping this year.  

I've been saving the extra brown paper that comes in the packing with my Stampin' Up orders for a while, and I've finally found a fantastic use for it - up-cycled wrapping paper.  I love the idea of up-cycling... taking something and reusing it in a creative wa…