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#techniquethursday - patchwork

Remember earlier this week when I showcased a card I made for an online challenge?  Well this is how I made it.
First I stamped a lot of hexagons on some whisper white card.  I chose 4 colours and 5 different patterns.  I stamped each pattern once in each colour.  I then punched them out.  Have I mentioned how I love having stamp sets that coordinate with punches?  No?  Well I do.  I love love love it.

I then futzed around deciding how to layout the pattern as background.  Might seem easy but I forgot to do my math and realised after I'd decided to only use 4 colours that the hexagons have 6 sides and if I was going to match up each side I would end up with a colour and pattern overlap.  You might think this is a fail but I see it as an opportunity.  I decided to leave white space and incorporate that into the design.  That's winning ;-)  A few more layers and a central image and the card was done.

I've not done a colour challenge before so I'm pretty happy with how t…


I was in the mood to challenge myself this week and decided to take part in some online challenges.  Yesterday I posted about the ColourQ challenge I took part in - today I tried my hand at the Clean and Simple Stamping challenge.  
Here's the challenge sketch.  

And here's what I came up with.  It's pretty bright.  Probably a good card for a kids birthday.

I like the idea of challenges.  It gives you a ready made platform from which to start, but also forces you a little outside your comfort zone.  Have you taken part in a challenge?  Want to join me in next weeks?
Happy crafting.

ColourQ challenge #209

I've never participated in a colour challenge before but as I was wanting to try something new for my #tooeasytuesday post I thought I would give it a go.  I was so motivated I even posted a bit early on my blog - it's still Monday here.  But I'm sure you'll forgive me.  For those of you who don't know a colour challenge is exactly what it sounds like - a challenge to create a card using a prescribed colour palate.  Here's the colour challenge palate.

And here's what I came up with.

Check back in on Thursday and I'll show you how I made it.
Happy crafting.

#techniquethursday - CASE

Case, at least as it refers to card making or scrapbooking, stand for copy and share everything.  Now you might wonder why I'm doing a post on case'ing for a #techniquethursday blog, but I actually think this is one pretty important technique to learn.  At it's heart it's about the ability to find inspiration all around you.  Sometimes you set out to get crafty and nothing works right.  You can't find good colour matches.  Your layout doesn't work right.  It all becomes just a little messy and hard.  That's where the technique of case'ing really comes into play.  It's about the ability to collect and curate inspiration from people, things, blogs, other crafters around you and use them to inspire you.  Today's card is definitely a case (get it?) of that.

I saved this card to my pinterest 'craft inspiration' board.  Marelle makes great cards - and if you're not already following her blog I suggest you do.

I loved the way she made the …


Got some new stamps a few weeks ago and had a chance to have a play on the weekend.  This was the first card I made.  What do you think?  Do you like it?