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Something for you #tooeasy

This card looks tricky, but it really wasn't.  It's just a lot of layers.  Layers that were stamped.  Layers that were punched.  And layers of colour and card stock.  Simple really, just lots of simple.

I kind of like how it looks very finished an polished but also that it could have been thrown together from odds and ends lying around.  The background image was just one stamp from the Chalk Lines stamp set stamped in different colours.  Pretty simple huh?

I'm not usually coordinated enough to pull off a card with this much going on, but I think by keeping my colour palate simple I managed to make it work.  What do you think?  Want to get your hands on the same goodies I used to make this?  You can order online day or night in my shop.  
Happy crafting
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New Catalougue

I don't know about you but like has been quite hectic for me this year.  I've been making time for work, for others, for everyone but me.  It's usually around the middle of the year that I look back to my personal goals set way back in December and realise that somehow I've moved to the bottom of the priority pile again.  I'm not as focused on my health, I'm not as focused on my goals, and I'm definitely not as focused on making time for craft.  Luckily some inspiration came along this week in the guise of the new catalogue. There's nothing like a new book filled with pretty pictures and new things to make you want to get your craft on.

I've been pretty slack and haven't pre-ordered yet.  But I am spending time this long weekend making my wish list.  I have to stagger my wish list throughout the year - because it's so long :-)  But that just means more fun each month as I buy a handful of treats.

If you want to get your hands on the new ca…