On Tuesday I talked about simplicity.  The idea that one image, one colour can be the only thing you need to do to make a striking card.  Today I want to take that a little further in my first #techniquethursday post and talk about the technique of repetition.

Repetition is used in teaching, advertising or merchandising as a way of reinforcing a topic or idea.  It's a way of reminding us of a single fact, a brand or an idea and why it's important.  Repetition in art can do a similar thing.  It focuses our attention on an element the artist has determined is important.  It can be something as simple as repeating a word or phrase that is typed three times, using repeated shapes or lines, or repetition of colour in a way that focuses our attention on an object.

The simplest way to start a project using this technique is to find a small to medium size stamp that you love and stamp it 3-5 times in a row on a card.

If you're using a clear based stamp you may be able to use sight alone to line it up straight.  But if you're using a wooden stamp you'll want to get a stamp-a-ma-jig to ensure you line everything up straight.

Add a sentiment and adhere it to base card and you're done.

Of course there's plenty of ways to spice it up.  Stamp the same image 5 times in different colours.

Try stamping the image in rows to cover a whole piece of card.

Punch out your stamped images and layer them with contrasting card.

Or just scatter your images randomly on a card.

The great thing about repetition as a technique is that it only requires one stamp and there are endless ways you mix it up.  If you're starting out this is a fantastic way to get your confidence while making a variety of cards.  And if you're a long time stamper it's a great way of getting your mojo back when you're struggling to come up with an idea.  Why not grab your favourite stamp now and give it a go.

Happy crafting.