#showcasesaturday - cupcake toppers

Today's the day I show you something I've been working on this week.  I'm keeping it simple as I'm still slowly easing into the new year.  Today's project is cupcake toppers.  

Yesterday I  made cupcakes.

Not just any old ordinary cupcakes.  These were champagne cupcakes!  Manna from heaven.

They looked a little plain on their own though.... So I made some cupcake toppers to spruce them up.  See....

Don't they look pretty?  Bet you want to see one up close...  Here you go.

And look closely.  There's even sparkles in the middle.  Fancy!

I think the sugar is going to my head as I write this.  Sorry about that :-)  Perhaps I need a coffee to counteract the sugar.

Happy crafting.