#techniquethursday - background stamping

Today I want to talk about background stamping.  Background stamping provides a great backdrop for your paper craft projects.  It allows you to easily add patterns to your scrapbooking layouts and designs and provides a strong creative base to showcase the rest of your project.

There are many ways you can background stamp.  The easiest is the one I'm going to show you today - using a full size background stamp.

It's really just 3 simple steps.

  1. Cut a pice of card smaller than your background stamp.
  2. Ink up your stamp.  With larger stamps it's easier to place the stamp rubber side up and tap the ink over the stamp.  Then you can make sure you have covered it all.
  3. Stamp it.  On larger stamps I sometimes find it easier to place the paper on the stamp (rubber side up as I did for inking), cover with a scrap and press down with my hand.  You just have to be careful not to move the paper. 

After creating my background stamp all I did was add a simple layer of early espresso dark card as a base, and cute two frames for my sentiment stamp.  A bit of ribbon and I was done.  

Of course this isn't the only way you can background stamp.  You can vary the technique by using a smaller stamp repeated over base card.  Try using the same colour ink as card for a subtle effect.  Use two or three different stamps and colours to create a unique designer paper.  Really the only limit is your imagination.  Why not give it a go.

Happy crafting.