#techniquethursday - layers

Today I'm going to talk a little bit more about a technique you've already seen me using here on the blog - layers.

Layering is a technique used in lots of creative arts to help bring attention to your focal point - the thing that is the central piece of your card.  It can also be used to highlight colour in an image, or provide extra dimension and texture to your cards.  It's pretty easy to do and the variety of layers you can do is endless.  Try looking over some of my past posts and see if you can identify where I've used layering to either bring out a colour, or add texture and dimension to a card.

For the card I'm showing you today I used lots of layers and textures, even some ribbon.  I also used one of my favourite supplies - dimensionals.  These are basically double sided sticky foam dots.  The foam in between the double sided tape helps to add an extra bit of height to your card.

In this card I focused on two main colours with white being my neutral accent.  I used thin layers of boarder (pink) to frame wider layers to help balance the colours.  My cut out hearts and banners are also layers of different shapes and sizes to provide more contrast.  If you look closely you can see that I also embossed a couple of layers to add even more texture.

If you're starting out experimenting with layers try just adding an extra border to matt your project, or an extra piece of colour behind your focal image.  Once you've got the basics down you can go crazy and add shapes, textures, dimensions and more to bring extra complexity to your card.

Happy crafting.



  1. very pretty Sally and love the color combo too.

    1. Thanks Michelle. I absolutely love the stamp set. And to think I was hesitating on getting it because I wasn't sure if I would use it much ;-)


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