Same same, but different

I've broken the mold!  I've done it!  I've wrapped up my showcase of 'rule of 3' cards - for the moment.  The funny thing is that even though the card I'm showing you today is very different - and much 'busier' than my recent cards, there is something about it that is still the same - but different.

As you can see, there is a lot more going on in this card.  There are layers, there are colours, there are embellishments, there is texture.  On the surface of it it looks very different to say this card.  However there are some techniques which are exactly the same.  

The repeated use of colours and shapes means that there is a certain symmetry to the card.  The layered circles are repeated in threes vertically across two rows and as two sizes layered on top of each other.  The use of embellishments like buttons and punched shapes is repeated, but alternately placed.  The colours are repeated in different designs of DSP.  Despite the 'busier' style of this card I think it works ok.  What do you think?

Happy crafting.