#techniquethursday - CASE

Case, at least as it refers to card making or scrapbooking, stand for copy and share everything.  Now you might wonder why I'm doing a post on case'ing for a #techniquethursday blog, but I actually think this is one pretty important technique to learn.  At it's heart it's about the ability to find inspiration all around you.  Sometimes you set out to get crafty and nothing works right.  You can't find good colour matches.  Your layout doesn't work right.  It all becomes just a little messy and hard.  That's where the technique of case'ing really comes into play.  It's about the ability to collect and curate inspiration from people, things, blogs, other crafters around you and use them to inspire you.  Today's card is definitely a case (get it?) of that.

I saved this card to my pinterest 'craft inspiration' board.  Marelle makes great cards - and if you're not already following her blog I suggest you do.

I loved the way she made the butterfly from washi tape.  Side note - I loved washi tape long before it became the latest hot craft item.  When I went to Japan as an exchange student in high school I brought home half a back pack full of cute tape and gorgeous paper and stationary.

I loved the way she used washi tape to create this punched embellishment.  Now I haven't bought any of the new Stampin' Up washi tape yet.  But I did by the Tape It stamp set which allows you to stamp images that look just like different washi tape.  I used it for the first time on my last #tooeasytuesday card.  I decided to take inspiration from Marelle with that card too!  Anyway using my Tape It stamp set I wanted to use similar bright colours and a washi tape effect to create a back drop for my sentiment.  Something simple and colourful.

As you can see I've used a similar colour palate to Marelle - but not exactly the same.  I've also used washi tape (or stamps that look like it) to create a patterned feature on my card - although I made it the backdrop rather than the embellishment.  That's the thing about case'ing.  It's not about making exactly the same card.  It's about taking inspiration from somewhere or someone else and using a similar colour palate or technique, or perhaps a similar layout.  You'll notice both Marelle and I have a lot of white on our cards backgrounds.  This allows the center piece to take centre stage and really become the focal point.  

The most important thing about case'ing is to acknowledge those that inspire you.  Sometimes it's hard to remember where your idea came from.  Other times it's like me today - I knew I wanted to do something similar to Marelle.  As part of sharing this with you I want to acknowledge her work and that's why you'll find it linked back to on several places in this page.  It's important to give credit where credit is due. :-)

To inspire you today I've also linked to my pinterest boards.  I find inspiration in lots of places.  Feel free to repin anything you like and use it as inspiration in your work.  Also if you've seen something on my blog that's inspired you I'd love you to leave a comment below and a link to what you've made.  I'd love to see it.

Happy crafting.