#showcasesaturday - showing the love


To celebrate Valentines Day this week here's one more loved up card I made.  I think this one might be good to give to a guy as it's more muted in colours and a little more manly.... well as much as any Valentine's Day card can be.

In case you're wondering (and even if you're not), I have a confession to make that I didn't actually give my hubby anything on Valentine's Day - not even this card.  We don't really celebrate it.  It's not because we don't love each other, or because we're making some grand stand against the commercialisation of love, it's just that we tend to do do nice things together at other random times.  We love good food and good wine and take lots of opportunities to enjoy both on dates that suit us.  That said... I do love celebrating love, but the kind of love that is meaningful everyday.  You know, when someone you care about does well in something and you get excited for them and celebrate with them.  When you acknowledge the relationships in your life and tell someone why their friendship is precious to you.  That kind of love is something I really believe we need to celebrate every day, in many ways.

Happy crafting.