#techniquethursday - embossing again

Now I'm not getting forgetful.  I know my last #techniquethursday was also embossing.  But this time its different - I promise!  Last week I showed you how to dry emboss with a big shot machine and embossing folder.  This week I'm showing you how to use embossing powder to get some amazing textured effects on your cards.

Embossing was one of the earliest techniques I learned when I started making cards.  I loved it.  It was just a little bit magical how with just 4 items you could make fabulous cards.  All you need was a stamp, a VersaMark watermark stamp pad, embossing powder in the colour of your choice and a heat gun (or toaster if your desperate).

Step 1. Ink up your stamp using the VersaMark watermark stamp and stamp a clear image on card.  This is a clear ink which is slower drying than most water based inks.  This is to give you time for the next steps.  

Step 2.  Cover the stamped image generously in embossing powder.  I have special embossing trays I do this in to keep it from going all over my craft room, but when I started out I just used a takeaway container. 

Step 3.  Shake off any excess powder.  This is really important as if you don't do it now it will stay were it is for the rest of your project.

Step 4.  With your heat gun on slowly wave it over the surface of the stamped and powdered image.  Keep it about 3-5cm above the paper and move it slowly.  Keep an eye out for the magic that is about to happen.

Step 5.  As you see the powder liquify and turn to a more solid state move the heat gun over the remainder of the image until it's complete.

And that's it - embossing using powder.  Easy peasy but it looks really impressive and your friends will think you're clever.

Happy crafting.