#techniquethursday - flashback

Happy Valentines Day.  As this is a day for love and celebrating love I thought I'd pause and reflect back on a labour of love that I've been doing for the past 6 weeks - #techniquethursday posts.  I started these posts to share what I love.  To give you a little bit of insight into some of the techniques I use when I craft.  Now I'm not an expert or guru or anything like that.  I'm just someone who loves paper craft and loves to share that love.  If you've just started reading my blog grab a cup of tea and settle in to see some of what I've been sharing on #techniquethursday as I share my love.

My first #techniquethursday post was about repetition and how it's a super easy and effective technique for catching someone's eye.

I then showed you how to 'rock n roll' a fun technique that can really help give your stamping a unique flavour.

Masking is one of my favourite techniques and looking back on these cards, this is one of my favourite of the past 6 weeks.

For week 4 I went back to basics and talked about background stamping.  

Better late than never I tried to talk about layers in week 5 (even though I'd been using this technique the whole time).  

And last week I shared the love talking about two-step stamping.  

So that's it.  The first 6 weeks of #techniquethursday posts.  What do you think?  Have you enjoyed these posts?  Are they useful? Helpful?  Inspiring?  Or should I just post what I'm working on.  Let me know what you think.  I'd love to hear.

Happy crafting.