On that note...

Sometimes you just need a simple card to write a few words to someone.   To encourage them, to thank them, to cheer them up... the list is endless.  Unfortunately I've found that if you don't have a card at your finger tips the words you wanted to say, those thoughts you wanted to share will stay just that - thoughts.  If you don't ever share it the thought doesn't every really count for much.  I love having a stock pile of cards ready to share with people.  It means I can grab one at first thought and can take action to share my heart with someone.

Here's a simple card I made to share some words with someone to encourage them.

And seeing as it's better to have more than one of these at the ready, I made 5.

It's always good to have a note card on hand.  If you need to stock up why not head on over to my store www.madeit.com.au/SallyCanCraft and grab this set.

Happy crafting.