Something different

Recently I've been getting very nostalgic.  I don't think it's because I'm getting older (although I am), I think it's because I want to revive the skills and talents of the past.  I've taken to following a lot of blogs with a vintage flavour to them, and I've been inspired by the idea that you can up-cycle things around your home and give them new life.  While this project isn't an up-cycle (I used new materials), it was inspired by a skill from my past - origami.

When I was in high school I had the opportunity to spend some time in Japan as an exchange student.  While I was there I was introduced to the art of origami.  When I was younger I really just made toys and fun sculptures.  Recently on a trip back to Japan I saw some unique origami objects being used as everyday art.  It really inspired me to look for opportunities to combine this creative paper folding technique into my craft.  So here's my first attempt.

I used the designer series paper First Edition Specialty for this project. If you really wanted to up-cycle you could use any paper at hand.  It does need to have a bit of rigidity to it though.  to keep the shapes as you are folding.  I did manage to up-cycle my finished project though as they are now standing in an old Rockford's basket press wine bottle on my sideboard.

I really like the idea of these flowers.  There were simple and easy to make and could easily be changed to suit the seasons.  I'm really glad that I've been able to revive a childhood hobby too.

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