#techniquethursday - tearing

Today's technique is a simple one but a great one for changing the look of your cards - tearing.  It's pretty simple and is just what it sounds like - tearing paper.

The easiest way to do this is to hold a piece of card firmly in one hand.  With the other work your way slowly down the side you want to tear gently working it into the shape you want.  If you find you're too nervous or scared grab a stack of scrap paper and practice, practice, practice.  

The thing about tearing is that there isn't a right and wrong way to do it.  It isn't designed to be perfect, so you really can relax and just have fun with it.  One other little bonus is that you can change the way the edge looks just by turning the card over.  See the difference in the photo in the middle and on the right above?  One edge shows the inner card as well as the smooth side (middle photo).  The other is still a torn edge but smooth right to the tear (right photo).  Want to change it up a little more?  Just add some embossing or stamping.  I recommend doing this before tearing though.

Here's my finished card.

I kept the colours simple and just added lots of layers and textures.  I was going for a vintage feel to the card.  What do you think?  Did I achieve it?

One other tip I have is if you're the kind of crafter that really struggles with perfectionism in your craft then give tearing a go.  As it's very nature is somewhat random & imperfect it could just be the perfect technique to use to help you relax in your craft.  After all it's all about having fun & letting your creative side out.

Happy crafting.