Inspired again

A few weeks ago I started blogging about inspiration and how every day items can help you get out of a funk and look at your craft supplies and projects in a new light.  Today I want to show you a project where the inspiration isn't that obvious at first.

We've been doing a little renovating at home recently.  We haven't done too much - a bit of paint, and few new items of furniture.  One of my recent finds was a vintage magazine from the 40's.  We love our dogs (beagles) and I just loved the picture of the Dalmatian and the contrast between his spots and the checks in the woman's suit.  I also love how she's gazing adoringly at him, but he's just stoically facing forward in a manner that suggests he's just putting up with the attention.

So now you've seen this let me show you the card it inspired me to make.

The image on the front cover of the magazine is very simple - black and white with two highlights of red.  The image on my card is also very simple - black and white with a highlighted section water coloured with Pear Pizzaz and Poppy Parade.

I've also added a close up of something a little extra I added to the project.

Look closely at the flowers and leaves.  Can you see the highlights I've done with Shimmer paint?  In real life it gives it a lovely little sparkle in the light.  It almost glimmers without being too glittery if you know what I mean.

My inspiration in this case didn't lead me to make a card that strongly reflects the magazine cover.  What it did do was inspire me to use simple colour themes with a base background of black and white, and use the technique of spotlighting to highlight part of the greater image by colouring it to make it pop.

If you've lost your mojo step back from your craft room and have a look at some of your favourite items around your house.  If you're like me, you've filled it with things that you love.  You chose your most loved items for a reason.  Think about what it is you love about them and let that inspire you in your next project.
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  1. very nicely done Sally.I do like the 3d effect in colour.


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