Sometimes life get's a little crazy and you fall behind in doing the things you love.  Despite making it my intention to blog regularly this year, I've struggled to keep it up with work and travel starting to take over.  Never the less I am determined to give it my best shot.

I made this card months and months ago... maybe even last year but I forgot to blog about it.  The doily cutout is actually a thinlit.  It's retired now but there is another one that is similar the Darling Doily.  

I'm not completely convinced that this card really came out like I intended.  I made the background card stock by stamping dots with a sponge dauber. 

While I like the individual elements I think I made this card when my style was transitioning from vintage cards to more retro, mod styles.  The polka dots and doily are a little bit too much of a clash for my liking.  I think clashing is ok - but you almost have to go the extra mile to make it work - and really put to polar opposite things together.  In this case I don't think I pushed it enough.

I do however like my photography on this card :-)  And you only learn by making mistakes.  I don't want to only show you the cards I make that I love and think look great - that's not reality.  For every card I make that I love I guarantee there is at least one that I'm less in love with or think needs to be binned.  I've learned over the years to just keep giving it your best go and eventually you'll make something you love.

Happy crafting