on the second day of Christmas

So many people love the traditions of Christmas - the carols, the tree, advent calendars, turkey, ham, presents.  When I think if traditional Christmas cards I think of red, green and gold.  It's a colour combination I love on Christmas trees but not always on all the craft that comes with Christmas.  What can I say - I'm not a traditional girl.

However I do have a lot of friends who love the traditional colours of Christmas so I try to bring that into my gifts for them.  Here's a card I made in a square style for something different.  The stamp set is a retired one but you could easily use Bright & Beautiful stamp set to do something very similar.  

Can you see the other Christmas tradition I'm referencing in this card?  A Christmas wreath you might place on your door or mantle.  Typically you would make it of leaves and holly but I like to mix the traditional with something different to give it a little twist.