More everyday inspiration

Remember the everyday inspiration story I shared last week?  Well I'm back with some more.  My inspiration object is even the same - a piece from my wardrobe.

Here's the dress.  I bought it recently while I was in Sri Lanka.  It's really light and summery, and has some great colours in it.  I love the retro feel of the fabric and the colour clash that happens in the bottom.  It's hard to see but it's gray fabric with red, blue and green running through it.

So here's the card I came up with.


I used lots of texture on the front of the card.  The right hand side was inked and used a Big Shot textured embossing folder. The left hand side was a panel I hand weaved using the same colours as my dress for inspiration.  I also added a lot of layers to the top of the card to give it extra dimension.  I love cards that just have that extra bit of depth to them.

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Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you're looking at the items around you with new eyes - to inspire your crafting.