How to build creativity into your life

After a big year in 2018 I took some time off over the New Year and as I usually do, and spent some time reflecting. Reflecting on the year that was, and thinking about the year that is to come. Over the past few years I've been setting intentions for my life as an alternative to New Year's Resolutions. Rather than focus on a goal around health or specific achievements I've focused on words that reflect traits or attitudes I want to bring into my life. Studies show that by setting positively framed intentions and being mindful of them you are able to program your subconscious mind to help you make decisions to help you achieve those intentions. I've found this incredibly helpful the past few years and have carried it forward to 2019 where my word for the year is INTENTIONAL. What does that have to do with creativity and this blog? Great question. I'm glad you asked it.

My blog turns 10 this year. In fact it turned 10 on Saturday. Something I didn't realise until today. When I look back at my first blog post I'm struck by the title - Saturday's therapy. You see paper craft for me has always been therapeutic. A way to stop my brain thinking on work and other things, and get it to tap into another side. It wasn't about teaching, or selling products. It was just for me. A way of unlocking a part of who I am that is creative and artistic. After crafting I always found myself with renewed energy, enthusiastic, and thinking differently about other aspects of my life. Sometimes I even came up with new solutions to challenges I was was stuck on. All by unlocking a part of my brain through craft. Fast forward and 10 years later it's time to take stock and look at the role of creativity in my life.

I blogged a lot in the first few years. A lot more than I've done lately. Last year I blogged 7 times. Just 7! And I know that they were cards that were made in just 2 or 3 crafting sessions. The thing is, like everyone life has become full. It's mostly full of good things. Things that bring me joy. However creativity and craft time has taken a back seat, and I know my life is somewhat lacking because of it. This year my word - INTENTIONAL - is teaching me a lot. It's teaching me to take time and really think about what I want in my life. Because if you really really want something, you'll find a way to get it. You'll carve out time. You'll find resources. You'll prioritise to achieve it. Because it's important to you, not an obligation that you just need to do. For me, I'm chasing the mental energy and creativity that craft gives me. I want to feel inspired. I want my thinking to be expanded. I want that meditative time that comes with making something beautiful for someone. To build creativity into my life I need to be INTENTIONAL to make time and find ways to do it. So I find myself today, taking time before I go to my day job, to write this post. To reflect. To plan to carve out some time on the weekend to be creative - I've already got an idea of what I want to do. I am making INTENTIONAL decisions and actions to achieve the creative goals I have. And I'm committing to blogging more about my creations to keep myself accountable, and also to spark something in you to make a commitment to yourself about what it is you want to achieve this year.

I hope 2019 is full of joy and creativity for you all. To start kick start my creativity sharing here's a set of cards I made in 2018.  I love seeing these pictures together. It brings me joy to see what you can do with just one stamp set, and some great papers that coordinate.

Happy crafting.