#tooeasytuesday - love is in the air

You know, when you craft you don't always get it right the first time.  Sometimes when you follow blogs you think other people are just so much better at crafting than you - that they always do things perfectly.  Well today I'm here to bust that myth.  There are lots of times when things don't quite work.  Projects end upon the scrap heap and never see the light of day.  Bloggers never share them because they think they don't work.  Well today I'm going to share with you a project that didn't work, and what I did to mix it up and change it to one that I'm happy with.

I wanted to make a heart themed card for valentine's day using a new stamp set I'd purchased - Groovy Love.  I fell in love with the tiger striped heart because - well tiger stripes!  Who doesn't love animal print. It's a neutral right?  I had this idea that I could make a repeated stamp layered card and add a few stamped cutouts to give texture.  Did I mention that I also wanted to add some shimmer with some smooch spritz?  Yeah a little too much in my opinion.  Not a horrible card, but just not quite right.

I didn't love the red layer. I hated the cutouts and I didn't love the smooch spritz.  It was just all a bit wrong.  So I stopped, made another card and kept crafting.  It bugged me though that I hadn't been able to create a card I liked with a stamp I was in love with.  So I came back to it at the end of the day and simplified it.  I kept the colour palate to a minimum.  Just clean and simple - black, white and silver - no red.  I mean who needs it anyway it's a cliche on valentine's day right?  Instead of creating dimension with multiple cutouts folded to make a pop up element I just used some embossing powder.  

I'm much much much happier with how this came out.  It's simpler, and cleaner, and much more to my liking.

And it's not the stereotypical valentines day card.  You could use this for a wedding or engagement or something else.  

Happy crafting!