I'm back but only briefly.  I'm currently overseas on holiday for a much needed break and so am just stopping by to offer up a simple card for #tooeasytuesday.

For this card I channelled my inner exchange student and busted out an origami technique to fold the bow. (Bet you didn't know I went to Japan on exchange... I also lived there for 18 months after I finished university).  It's pretty easy to do and the instructions are available online.  I kept it very simple and just added a brad and a simple sentiment stamp.  I know many of you may say origami isn't easy, but once you get some of the basic folds down pat it becomes pretty simple.  It's kind of like a modern version of teabag folding.  

Can't wait to get back into my craft room next month when I get home.  I have a bunch of brand new goodies to play with.  And I'm long overdue for a good play.

Happy crafting.