Hello 2014 - I've been waiting for you

Last year I started out with some ambitious goals for myself and my blog.  Setting these goals helped me to focus in on what I love - helping people to discover a new hobby and reducing the fear factor - and on being disciplined in my craft.  Well it helped me up until around October when work got out of control and travel became my life for 3 months.  When I stopped and paused over Christmas I realised that I'd lost some of the enthusiasm I've had for craft this year.  While being more disciplined in blogging was great in the first few months, it became a little bit of a chore when time was tight.  I wanted to keep to my committed blogging schedule and I found myself creating cards that I was less than excited about.  It became another item on my to do list and not the thing I love to loose myself in to relax.  While nearly doubling the number of posts in 2013 from 2012 I somehow lost some of my enthusiasm.  So what's a girl to do?

2014 is a brand new year so it's time for a blog tweak.  I'm going to still keep the things that I love (and my readers if the analytics are to be believe) - #tooeasytuesday & #techniquethursday, but I'm not going to commit to posting each week on both of these.  I'll be trying to post each week on #tooeasytuesday, and on the first Thursday of the month for #techniquethursday.  I might post more than that, but those are the more modest blogging goals I'm setting myself so that I can allow myself to get lost in the creativity again.  #showcasesaturday will be retired.

I also want to spend some more time doing challenges - colour challenges, design challenges - and post things that you want to see.  Blogging can be a lonely business and it's easy to give up when you don't get feedback on what your readers want.  I'd like to try and expand my papercraft repertoire to what you want to see.  If you have something you'd like me to try, to demonstrate, to explain or showcase leave a comment and let me know.  My goal this year is to connect with my readers and my craft and find the joy in creativity.

What's your new years goals?