#tooeasytuesday - flashback

It's been a far too long since I've had a day in my craft room.  Circumstances have gotten the better of me lately.  First I came down with the flu and was sick for about 6 weeks.  As I'm never sick this really did take it's toll and all I could do was work and eat chicken soup.  Let me tell you there are only so many ways you can make chicken soup!  Then just as I was recovering it was time for 10 days away for work.  As I'm still yet to get some time in the craft room - fingers crossed for this weekend - today it's time for a flashback... and this time I'm looking back to 2011.  Here's some of my favourite projects I featured on my blog.

soap packaging - August 2011
highlights & water colouring - June 2011
hey baby card - October 2011
just for you card - August 2011
birthday bonus - June 2011
I know I say this every time I do a flashback - but I love looking back on some of what I've done.  Sometimes I cringe because of how amateur things look.  Sometimes I smile because I realise how far I've come - and hey we learn from our mistakes.  And sometimes I get inspired all over again and do a bit of a double take because I made something I love.

If you haven't had a look back over your craft for a while dig up some old projects now.  It will give you some great perspective on how you're going on on how your skills and tastes have changed over time.

Happy crafting.