Today I'm showing you something a little different.  I'm showing you how I used My Digital Studio (MDS) to take something that I usually use online to create something offline.  Yep I made something using MDS that you can actually hold in your hand.  And guess what?  It's Tuesday so it was #tooeasy! 

First I downloaded the Packed for You digital download.  Want another surprise.  Right now it's free to download.  And if you don't have MDS it doesn't matter you can download it for use in other edit software or better yet download the free MDS trial and see if you like it.  (I downloaded my free trial and purchased it fully about 2 days later as it was so easy to use and came with so many free templates, tools, stamps and accessories... oh and it was only $24.95).  If you want to get you hands on either this template check out my online store here.  

Anyway I simply printed out the 2 pages, cute it out and assembled.  Too easy right!  This is what the first page looked like.

And here's the finished product.  Cute hey?  I love the fact that it looks like a little back pack.  There's event a little pocket at the front to put in a note.  And you can fit at least 2 macaroons in it... maybe 3 if you don't eat the extra one first ;-)

So there you have it... #tooeasytuesday with a twist.  I'd love to know if any of you are using MDS.  I'm still playing with it - but so far having a lot of fun.  Leave a comment and let me know how you're finding it.

Happy crafting.