Monday MDS happiness

I've been slowly getting into this MDS thing.  That's My Digital Studio in case you didn't know.  It's downloadable software that helps you scrapbook and papercraft online.  It's pretty easy to get the hang of, but I must admit it's taking me a little while to find my mojo - just because I'm still learning where everything is.

I wanted to share with you a quick project I made to day for my blog today for #motivationmonday.

This probably took me about 10 minutes... tops.  I used a lot of the free items available and a couple from some online sets I bought.  I'm going to have to remember to write down which one for next time I post.  Anyway my point is it's really easy to use and very intuitive.  I think it's going to be my new toy of choice when I'm on a long haul flight to create things, because I feel like I'm getting my chance to create while I'm on the road.  I was using the trial version until a few days ago when I decided to purchase the full software.  At $24.95 there was really no reason not to.  Being honest - I'm happy I did.  It took a while to download, but it's so much easier for me to use that something like photoshop.  I'm going to have to really practice to get good at it, but so far even with my basic efforts above I'm happy.  If you want to download the trial or full version click here and give it a go.  Let me know what you think.  If you do give it ago be sure to share a link to your projects in the comments here.

Happy crafting.