2013 and it's time for a change

Hello 2013.  Are you ready for it?  I am.  For the past month or so I've been thinking about 2013 and what I want to do.  I've also been thinking about this blog and what it's been in the past years and I've realised that it's time for a fresh approach.  For the past 3 years I've largely posted about projects I've been working on.  I've shown you some pics and occasionally listed what I used to make it, but I haven't done much more than that.  2013 is time to spice it up and to give this blog a little love - for me and for you.  So here's what I'm going to do.

Starting tomorrow I'll be introducing some new features to this blog.

#tooeasytuesday will be a weekly blog post to kick off you week right.  Sometimes at the start of the week it's hard to find your mojo.  Complex tasks and projects seem to be just out of reach.  #tooeasytuesday will be simple.  It will be easy.  It will be chic.  And hopefully it will inspire you.  For the beginners out there I hope you encourage you that you too can craft.  All you have to do is take one little step.

#techniquethursday will be a weekly post showing you how to do something.  It might be a stamping technique.  It might be a post showing you how to mix and match colours.  Each week I'm hoping I'll be able to go beyond showing you a project, and instead show you 'how to'.  I really believe crafting is for everyone, and everyone can do it.  I hope #techniquethursday will show you how easy it really is if your a beginner, and for those more advanced, well... that it would be a reminder about a technique you haven't used in a while.

#showcasesaturday will be a regular post showing you a project I've recently completed.  It might be a card, it might be wrapping, it might be origami... who knows.  What I will do with these posts is try and show you something I've made and give you a little bit of weekend inspiration.

So that's it... a bit of a blog revamp.  I'm not sure how I'll go, but I'd love your feedback along the way. Tell me what you like, what you hate, what I've missed, what you'd like to see.  I'll do my best to incorporate it over the year.

Stay tuned for my first #tooeasytuesday post tomorrow.

Happy crafting.