You're my cup of tea!

I don't know about you but I'm a coffee drinker.  Some of my friends would say I'm a coffee snob.  I don't drink instant coffee, hate brewed coffee and turn up my nose at Starbucks, but I prefer to think of it as being a connoisseur, rather than snob.   Let's not mention the expensive espresso machine I had shipped back from Florence when we visited a few years ago.  Let's focus on the positives... if you come to one of my classes I will make you a coffee on said machine.  Anyway where was I?  Oh yes...

I'm a coffee drinker, but lately I've been getting into tea.  I blame it on Tea2 and their ridiculously delicious strawberry tea.  Ok I know it's not technically tea, its a Tisane - but its delicious and its lovely in a pretty vintage tea cup.  The truth is I really love vintage tea cups and tea pots, so drinking tea is a must.  That's why I couldn't go past the Tea Shoppe stamp set in the current catalogue.  So many lovely tea cups to stamp with.  Here's one simple card I made recently.

Don't you just love the detail in the stamp?  I love the bunch of flowers and swirls.  They remind me of so many vintage tea cups my mother owns.

Looking at tea cups just wants to make me stay home with warm cups of tea, fluffy slippers, my hounds and craft.  What about you?

Happy crafting