One for the mums

Mother's day is a wonderful time to reflect on all that your mum has done for you and celebrate her in style.  Unfortunately for me my mum was over 1000kms away yesterday so I had to make do with celebrating other mum's and making gifts for 20 (see below).  Before I get to that though I just want to celebrate my mum for a moment... even though she'll probably never see this.  I want you all to know how much I value and appreciate her & why.

My mum is full of love.  So much so that she became 'mum' to most of my friends growing up.  My mum is an amazing listener.  I don't know how many times she's had to bite her tongue over the years and hold back from commenting & giving advice, believing that when I want it I'll ask... that all I'm really looking for is an ear to listen.  My mum has always supported me - in my big dreams and my little ones.  My mum has always put a priority on my education, despite having very little of her own.  My mum has always been proud of me - even when I've made mistakes.  My mum has held me when I cried.  Laughed with me when I needed it.  Celebrated my wins, and mourned my losses.  My mum has given me the space to discover what life is about, to make mistakes and learn from them. My mum is full of wisdom - even when she thinks she isn't.  My mum is gracious, kind and values relationships above all else.  My mum is a role model.  My mum is a mentor.  My mum is wonderful & I am so blessed to have her.

If in the busyness of yesterday you didn't take a moment to think about what your mum has done for you, I want to encourage you to take a moment right now to stop and pause.  Remember the words she's spoken over you.  Remember the tears she's shed for you.  Remember the love she has for you.


Oh and as I mentioned above I had the privilege of celebrating a lot of mums by making these little goodie bags last week.  It was the only project I got to, but I'm glad I managed to do them and I hope the mum's receiving them were blessed.