Deal of the week #3 - wow this is exciting!

Have you been loving Deal of the Week as much as me?  The only one not loving it is my credit card at the moment - boy what a workout it's been getting!

This week's deal is incredible - 40 - 50% of 5 different stamp sets!  Let me tell you - I am struggling to show any restraint at this point!!

ItemPageDescriptionRegular PriceSale Price
11426334A Happy Heart Stamp Set$41.95$20.98
11579257Greetings Eight Stamp Set$49.95$24.98
11633078Bella's Bloom Stamp Set$24.95$14.97
11300997Enjoy Every Moment Stamp Set$53.95$26.98
114283105All Scallops Stamp Set$55.95$27.98

To see what each set looks like click on the links above.  They are just gorgeous - some really versatile sets for the sale - no junky rejects here!!!  I'm not sure how I'm going to limit myself to one... but I just did the math and to buy the whole lot it only comes to $115.89 (+$5.95 postage).  Full price was over $226!!!!

Deal of the Week #3 closes on Tuesday 22 June an I'll be placing my order at 9pm that night.  Email me at if you'd like to add these beautiful stamp sets to your collection. If you're local to me (and want to pick your stamps up), you can have your stamps for the prices listed above, plus 5% shipping and handling. If you need your order mailed directly to you, shipping is $5.95 (minimum), so you might as well add a couple of things to your order (or order the whole set), to make it worth while :-)



  1. Uh oh... i'm in trouble :-)

  2. ha ha - me too - but I won't tell hubby if you don't ;-)
    It's seriously a great deal though - so let me know if you want anything. I can order and ship direct to you at work if you like ;-)


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