It's Monday morning and I'm very behind in blogging lately.  Not because I haven't been busy crafting, but because I've been sick, visiting family, and tied up with a whole host of work functions.  I do have some new projects to share with you this week and can't wait to blog about them tonight.  (Sorry you have to wait 1 more day!)

I did however just want to write a quick post to tell you all how blown away I am by a blog post I just read on Liam's blog.  Liam is one of those amazing crafty people who not only makes the most divine projects, but she also blogs so regularly about them she inspires me every day!  Given the high esteem I have for her you can imagine my surprise to find myself listed on her blog as someone she get's inspiration from.  I nearly fell off my chair at work!!!!  Seriously!  That's one compliment that's going to take a LONG time to sink in.

So to follow on what Liam started I want to share with you some of the blogs I get inspiration from.  In no particular order...

1.  Liam Puncher (I'm probably not supposed to nominate her back - but it's true so I can't lie!!)
2.  Marelle Taylor
3.  Teneale Williams
4.  Becky Roberts
5.  Kerry Bunting
6.  Clean & Simple Stamping
7.  Jak Heath
8.  Cathy Clark
9.  Inspirational Tips, Techniques and Tutorials
10.  Creations by Patti

I don't have a lot of time to check out blogs so when I find one I like I add it to my subscription list in Google reader straight away.  That way every time I make a cup of coffee and have 5 minutes to myself I get to spend time drooling over the amazing work of crafters around the world and daydream about what I'll make the next time I'm in my craft room.  It's the best way to get a daily dose of inspiration (or 2 or 3) delivered directly to you every day.

So that's it from me today.  Thanks for stopping by.  And to all those who subscribe to my blog, comment and offer words of encouragement - thank you - it means the world to me!  And thanks Liam for being such a fabulous inspiration!



  1. whoops I was a bit late to let you know about the blog award. You were too quick and I was too slow. Anyway enjoy the award you deserve it.


  2. Totally undeserving - but I'm incredibly flattered that you think so ;-)

  3. Sally, thank you so much for the award; you're too kind! Hope you are back on your chair by now, LOL!

  4. ha ha - yes I climbed up there eventually.. took a while.
    You totally deserve it!


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