Continuing on with my scrapping theme - and our journey.... On the same trip we also went to the Coonawarra region.  Hubby and I do love our wines. Out of the hundreds of photos of grapes that I took I managed to narrow it down to these few.  (Ok there will be a few more I share next week....)

I was particularly taken with the Ladbroke winery red Bedford truck and managed to waste quite some time taking photos of it... so it was only fitting that it got a full page to itself.  I'm not entirely happy with the simplicity of these pages, but on the day that I was doing this I had given myself a goal of scrapping 6 pages minimum so I was working for speed more than anything.  I don't think it's bad to do this - but it's certainly not my preferred way to scrapbook.  I'd much rather spend hours just on 1-2 pages :-)

That's all I have to share today - short and sweet really.  I've been much busier at work that expected and have pulled a few late nights to catch up, so my posts here haven't been as regular as I would have liked.  I would like to promise you all that that will change soon, but I suspect it will be another week or so before I can really get a full day to myself to get creative.  In the mean time I do hope you're enjoying my quick shares on here.

Thanks for stopping by.