OMG - I can scrap!

A few weeks ago I had a friend over for the afternoon to do some scrapbooking.  She'd never done it before, and being recently married wanted to start scrapbooking her gorgeous wedding pics.  I haven't scrapbooked for ages so I was delighted to help her start as it was just the motivation I needed to get back into it.

Scrapbookers don't get too excited.  I don't think I'm going to get back into it with the same passion that I have for other paper craft projects, but I am definitely going to do more of it and also work out how to incorporate it into my classes in the future.  I love the idea of scrapbooking to preserve memories and stories from the past - I'm just not as great at the time commitment needed to keep up to date with it.  Oh and I rarely appear in the pictures so often it appears like hubby went on holidays by himself :-)

So to commence sharing some of my scrapbook pages I'm going to start with some pages from one of our early trips in the first year of our marriage.  (Yes it's taken me over 6.5 years to scrap them..... )

The photos were taken around Timboon on our drive from Adelaide to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road.  We had an amazing trip, and putting these photos together brought back many wonderful memories.  I guess that's why people love scrapbooking - you are reminded of wonderful experiences and encouraged preserve them to share with others..... perhaps I will do more ;-)

Let me know if you'd been keen to scrapbook with me.

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  1. These are beautful scrapbook pages. I have to say I am not brilliant at mine but yours look fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Liam. I have so many to do so I'm hoping they keep improving :-)

    Oh and I can't imagine anything you do being anything less than stunning!

  3. Gorgeous pages! We drove along the Great Ocean Road from Adelaide - isn't it amazing?!?!?

  4. Thanks Shandell. The Great Ocean Road is spectacular. I must admit - I LOVE Adelaide. It's one of my favourite places in Australia. We try and visit as regularly as we can.


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