Wonderful to be home

Coming home after a business trip away is just wonderful. Everyone is happy I'm home (especially hubby), but the warmest welcome always comes from my 2 beagles - Sammy & Leo. After 10 days away Sammy's greeting today would melt the hardest of hearts. She was so happy to see me and couldn't stop her whole body from wagging while howling at me in great delight. It's a great welcome home.

You may have noticed I've shared some similarly themed projects over the last 10 days. It's because I've been on the road and I've been blogging projects I made before I went away. Rest assured I'm at the end of those photos now and you'll start seeing some fresh projects coming your way. I'm particularly looking forward to the weekend - not just because it's my first class - but also because of the huge box of Stampin' Up goodies I just unpacked. I can't wait to show you what I have and go crazy with new cards and projects. But until then here's the tri-shutter card we'll be making in Saturday's class (with a few small changes). Hope you like it.