Happiness is....

Happiness is different things to different people. It can be very deep and be the relationship you have, your family, your home life. Or it can also be the simple things - the first sip of coffee in the morning, a sunny day, a beautiful flower. In my case it can be the down right silly situations which bring about immense happiness.

Those of you who know me well will know that I don't switch off very easily (if at all). I have a small (debatable) dependency on my laptop and nexus one (phone). Whenever there is a problem or I can't get online, I have a small tendency to head towards a meltdown. (Ok so you're laughing at me now and calling me a control freak - I know, I know...)

You can imagine my happiness after a weekend of not being able to access my laptop how delighted I was when it was fixed in 2 minutes on my return to the office. Happy dance does not begin to describe my excitement. So in honour of the happiness I've been feeling all day I wanted to show you a project I made using my favourite stamp set and the word happiness. Hope it makes you happy.