Cherish the thought

Has anyone noticed I seem to have an obsession with simple words in my projects lately? They are all from the same Stampin' Up ® stamp set - Warm Words. I love them because they capture a feeling - happiness, wonderful, cherish.... There are 8 in all to capture every moment. Sometimes its simply a feeling they evoke when I see them, which reminds me about an attribute of the person I'm giving the card to.

As I've been away from home now for a week I find that I'm really missing family and friends, but most of all I'm missing my wonderful husband. Cherish is a word that sums up how I feel about him. I cherish him because he's a wonderful, kind, caring and generous man. I cherish him because he encourages me so much. I cherish him because he challenges me to be better and to do more. So today's card is dedicated to him. Hope you like it.

Front of card:

Inside card:


  1. Lovely post and sentiment :) Love the updated blog too!

  2. Thanks Christine. It's amazing what not sleeping due to time differences allows you to do. Can't wait to get home and see everyone :-)

  3. Love the blog..and everyting you are doing with this..go for you heaps and will see you soon...Hubby and the hounds


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