Somthing simple

Not having much time I wanted to create something really simple today. I have a friend who loves pink so I thought I'd make a card for her just to let her know she's been on my mind.

The concept took about 10 minutes to come up with and about 5 minutes to execute. So you can make cards quickly when you need to. To add some extra details I sponged around the edges of the polka dot paper and the pink card. I used one of my favourite stamps on the front of the card and inside. It's only a small part of the stamp, but I'm planning on using it again so you'll see the whole print soon. (Follow me on this blog so you don't miss out).

I also raised the brown card by using some double sided sponge tape. It just adds dimension to the card. The bow and the tiny seed pearl beads also lift the card just a bit.

(The colour on this pic isn't great. I need to work on my photography skills.)

Inside the card I carried the theme through with a repeat of the papers & card just to finish it off.

Let me know what you think.


  1. This is so lovely - I love the idea of making and giving a card - 'just because'... simple really is sometimes the nicest...

  2. Thanks Leticia. I like the idea because 'it's the thought that counts'. I hope the people I give these too enjoy them as much as I did making them.

  3. Beautiful - so thoughtful of you too :)


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