A quick fix

I don't know about you - but it's been a busy week for me this week. I've hardly had a moment to stop and think. Last night I had the house to myself (well myself and the dogs) and had short moment to pause and just be still. I didn't have the energy to do much, but I wanted to create a little something, as I know how good I feel when I've made a card or a gift - even if I don't know who I'm going to give it to yet. So this is what I came up with.

I like it because it's not too girly. I love the stamp set I've used from Stampin Up. They are my favourite supplies & ideas company! I'd love to hear what you think.


  1. Love seeing these Sal. Keep it coming. Might even commission something from you some day.

  2. Love it. Open an Etsy.com store, dammit!

  3. Thanks :-) I'll work on the Etsy store while I'm traveling. But keep watching for exciting news about classes and other info - coming soon.... Hopefully next week. I can't wait to tell you all :-)


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